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Monitoring Actions

Follow up Actions

The recommendations made by the members of the Economic and Social Development Council (CDES) in the working groups are presented to the president in plenary meetings. Once informed, the president can determine to government agencies their immediate adoption or studies in order to implement them. The process of presidential determinations’ monitoring is then initiated.

This process involves:

    • Meetings of the Executive Secretary of the Council (the Chief of Staff, a minister at the Presidency of the Republic) with the Secretariat for the Economic and Social Development Council (Sedes), the steering committee and the rapporteurs of the working groups with the objective of contextualizing the agreed recommendations as well as discussing its implementation strategies;
    • Meetings involving Sedes and government agencies to verify the progress of actions and the achievement of goals and deadlines;
    • Dialogue between representatives from Sedes and other units of the Chief of Staff’s Office for inclusion of the Council´s agenda in the governmental action monitoring process;
    • Participation of representatives from Sedes or councilors in activities organized by the Chief of Staff’s Office or by other governmental agencies in subjects related to the deliberations of the CDES;
    • Regular checking of legislative matters in the National Congress on issues related to the CDES recommendations;
    • Ministerial meetings with rapporteurs of the working groups to monitor implementation

At these ministerial meetings, which are chaired by the Minister of the Chief of Staff’s Office, other ministers and authorities are called to present the situation of each of the presidential determinations, indicating what has already been delivered, what is being implemented, and difficulties or impediments found. This is when councilors have the opportunity to demand results and to offer suggestions directly to those responsible for implementing public policies.