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Plenary Meetings

Plenary meetings

The plenary meetings of the Economic and Social Development Council (CDES) are the main activities for dialogue between the full group of councilors and the president. By invitation of the president, the plenary meetings occur ordinarily three times a year. These meetings can also be called extraordinarily by the president, or by the majority of the Council members. The CDES usually invites to plenary meetings state ministers, other authorities and experts on the topics under discussion.

The program of the plenary meetings is usually consisted of:

  • Councilors chosen as rapporteurs of thematic working groups report on the discussions and present their recommendations to the president. These are the main Council deliveries;
  • The president comments on the content of the proposals, informs what the government intends to implement and instructs ministers to take the necessary measures;
  • The president, the CDES Executive Secretary or another minister comments on the stage of implementation of previous recommendations
  • At each meeting, a minister is invited to speak about the situation in his area of ​​activity;
  • Other councilors comment on meeting topics and other issues of interest.