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Working Groups

Working Groups

The working groups (WG) of the Economic and Social Development Council (CDES) are thematic forums from which main deliberations among councilors are derived. Labeled as recommendations, the WG outputs are presented to the president.

Each working group is focused on a specific topic such as basic education, business environment, agribusiness, public safety, among others. In general, the themes are chosen by the councilors from a list which is prepared by the Secretariat for the Economic and Social Development Council (Sedes) and submitted to the approval of the Chief of Staff and the president. Based on their experience and interest, councilors define themselves which workings groups they wish to be engaged.

The dynamics of the working groups involve, among other activities:

              • Leveling of information and knowledge on the theme of the WG;
              • Identification of problems that hinder the development of the country in relation to the WG theme;
              • Discussion on recommendations which would solve the above related problems;
              • Debate with government authorities on the feasibility of recommendations;
              • Definition of a set of recommendations to be taken to the president.

    Recommendations of the working groups are formally presented to the president by the WG's rapporteurs during plenary meetings.