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The Economic and Social Development Council (CDES) is a collegial body composed of professionals from various segments of the civil society. The Council´s tasks are governed by Decree No. 8.887 of October 24, 2016, and they consist of direct advice to the Brazilian president. Council members discuss and present recommendations that can be transformed into new public policies or that contribute to the improvement of existing policies. Created by Law No. 10,683, of May 28, 2003, the CDES distinguishes itself from other government councils by advising the president in all areas of the federal Executive Branch. 

The diversity of the CDES members boosts a plural dialogue and the exchange of various types of information and points of view. In a democratic environment of debate, the shared purpose of reflecting on the country´s development helps the CDES overcome differences and build consensus. 

The main dialogue forums of the Council are the working groups and the plenary meetings. The working groups are composed of councilors with knowledge or interest in a specific topic, who together prepare proposals to be made to the president. In plenary meetings, councilors take their recommendations to the attention of the president, ministers, and other authorities. 

More than 70 countries around the world have established institutions similar to CDES, with the aim of improving democracy and of expanding opportunities for participation of society in governmental decisions.

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