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The Secretariat for the Economic and Social Development Council (Sedes) is linked to the Chief of Staff’s Office of the Brazilian Presidency. The Secretariat is responsible for providing technical and logistical support to the Council. Its responsibilities are described in Decree No. 8,889, of October 26, 2016. Among the functions of Sedes, the following stand out:

  • Joint planning with the Executive Secretariat of the Chief of Staff´s Office and the President´s Cabinet;
  • Organizing plenary meetings, working groups, steering committee meetings and other CDES activities;
  • Use of dialogue methodologies that facilitates consensus-building in CDES activities;
  • Coordination with ministries and government authorities in order to gather information on the contents of the CDES recommendations;
  • Inclusion of themes discussed by the CDES in the monitoring agenda of the Chief of Staff’s Office of the Presidency of the Republic;
  • Providing information to councilors;
  • Assistance to councilors as well as in requests for information from citizens;
  • Following-up on implementation of CDES recommendations;
  • Dissemination of Council activities and news related to debate topics.


    Contact information

    Secretariat for the Economic and Social Development Council (Sedes)
    Palácio do Planalto, Praça dos Três Poderes - s/n
    Anexo 1, Sala 202 B, CEP 70150-900
    Brasilia  Distrito Federal  Brazil
    Telephones: +55 61 3411-2199 / +55 61 3411-3393